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Jefferson, Peter

Born: 1708 AD
Died: 1757 AD
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1708 – Born on February 29th near present day Richmond, Virginia in a family of the colonial gentry.

1737 – Peter Jefferson joined his close friend William Randolph in a 50,000 land venture, which would be the first of many to follow.

1739 – Peter Jefferson, who already achieved social status, became even more prominent upon marrying Jane Randolph.

1744 – Upon the death of William Mayo, Jefferson became the Goochland County surveyor and soon after the county divided one September 18th with half becoming Albemarle.

1757 – Peter Jefferson began to fall ill on June 25th and a slave was sent to Castle Hill to request the services of Dr. Thomas Walker.  Walker made eleven visits to Shadwell before Jefferson passed away on August 17th.

2.8 (55%) 8 votes