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Jay, John

Born: 1745 AD
Died: 1829 AD
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1745 – Born on the 12th of December in New York City.


1768 – He attended King’s College, the forerunner of today’s Columbia College, and began the practice of law, partnership with his relative by marriage, Robert Livingston


1774 – He believed the British tax measures were wrong and thought Americans were morally and legally justified in resisting them, but as a delegate to the First Continental Congress. He sided with those who wanted conciliation with Parliament.

1777 – Was a leader against slavery, when he drafted a state law to abolish slavery; it failed as did a second attempt.


1779 – He held the post of American Minister to Spain, before joining Ben Franklin and John Adams in Paris for the peace negotiations with Great Britain.


1784 – Served as the second Secretary of Foreign Affairs, an office which after 1789 became Secretary of State.


1789 – President George Washington appointed Jay as the first Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court and he was easily approved. 


1794 – He negotiated the Jay Treaty with the British. A leader of the new Federalist party, Jay was elected Governor of New York state.


1795 – He diplomatic skills were again called upon for peace negotiations with Great Britain to resolve continuing conflicts in and around U.S. territories.


1801 – Resigned from the Supreme Court and served two terms as New York’s governor.


1802 – He declined and retired to the life of a gentleman farmer in Westchester County, New York.


1829 – Died at home on May 15, 1829. He was buried in a family plot on his son Peter’s farm in Rye, New York.

















2.9 (58.46%) 13 votes