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James V

Born: 1512 AD
Died: 1542 AD
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1512 – James V, King of Scotland, son of James IV, was born on April 10th in Linlithgow, West Lothian, Scotland.

1513 – He became the king of Scotland when his father was killed at Flodden.

1524 – When Albany had retired to France, the parliament declared that James was fit to govern, but that he must be advised by his mother and a council.

1526-1528 – Angus obtained control of the king, and kept him in close confinement, when James, escaping from Edinburgh to Stirling, put vigorous measures in execution against the earl, and compelled him to flee to England.

1529-1534 – The king made a strong effort to suppress his turbulent vassals in the south of Scotland; and after several raids and counter-raids negotiations for peace with England were begun, and in May a treaty was signed.

1537 – Henry VIII wished James to marry his daughter Mary, while other ladies had been suggested by the emperor Charles V; but the Scottish king, preferring a French bride, visited France, and in January was married at Paris to Madeleine, daughter of King Francis I.

1538 – James made a much more important marriage, being united to Mary, daughter of Claude, duke of Guise, and widow of Louis of Orleans, duke of Longueville. It was this connection, probably, which finally induced James to forsake his vacillating foreign policy, and to range himself definitely among the enemies of England.

1542 – Henry sent an army to invade Swtland. James was not slow to make reprisals, but his nobles were angry or indifferent, and on the 25th of November his forces were easily scattered at the rout of Solway Moss.

         – The blow preyed upon the king’s mind, and on the 14th of December he died at Falkland, having just heard of the birth of his daughter. His two sons had died in infancy, and his successor was his only legitimate child, Mary. He left several bastards, among them James Stewart, earl of Murray (the regent Murray), Lord John Stewart, prior of Coldingham, and Lord Robert Stewart, earl of Orkney.

2.7 (53.33%) 27 votes