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James III

Born: 1451 AD
Died: 1488 AD
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1451/1452 – His exact date and place of birth have been a matter of debate – He was born May 1452, July 10 or July 20, this year in Stirling Castle or the Castle of St Andrews.


1469 – He married Margaret in July this year at Holyrood Abbey, Edinburgh.


1470 – His policies during this year revolved primarily around ambitious continental schemes for territorial expansion, and alliance with England.


1471 – He suggested annexations or invasions of Brittany, Saintonge and Guelders between these years to 1473.

1479 – He was unpopular because the alliance and the taxes raised to pay for the marriage.


1482 – He, in attempting to lead his subjects against the invasion, was arrested by a group of disaffected nobles, at Lauder Bridge in July this year.


1484 – When he launched another abortive invasion at Lochmaben.


1488 – He faced an army raised by the disaffected nobles, and many former councillors at the Battle of Sauchieburn, and was defeated and killed.










2.7 (53.75%) 16 votes