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James I

Born: 1566 AD
Died: 1625 AD
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1566 – Born on the 19th of June to Mary Queen of Scots and her second husband, Henry Stewart, Duke of Albany at Edinburgh Castle. The eldest son of the monarch, thus, became the Duke of Roghesay and Prince and Great Steward of Scotland.


1567 – James’ father was mudered on the 10th of February. He was formally crowned as King James VI of Scotland at the Church of the Holy Rude, Stirling, when he was only one year old on the 19th of July.


1567-1581 – Regents ruled in his stead until early 1581 when James was 15.


1584 – James published his first book entitled "The Essays of a Prentice in the Divine Art of Poesy."


1588 – James faced a Roman Catholic uprising and was forced to reconcile with the Church of Scotland.


1589 – Married to Anne of Denmark who bore him three sons and four daughters – Henry, Elizabeth, Margaret, Charles, Robert, Mary and Sophia.


1591 – Published "His Majesties Poetical Exercises at Vacant Hours."


1592 – Agreed to repeal Black Acts.


1603 – Ascended the throne of his cousin Elizabeth I. From the ‘Union of the Crowns’, he ruled in England and Ireland as James I, on the 24th of March 1603 at the age of 36.


1605 – The Gunpowder Plot, which attempted to blow up the House of Lords on the day in which he was to open the session, of the 5th of November fueled James’ paranoia.


1611 – James managed to commission an Authorized Version of the Bible which was printed in English.


1625 – He ruled in England and Ireland from the 24th of March 1603 until his death at age 58. He died of a stroke after he ruled Scotland for 58 years and England for 22 years.

3 (60%) 28 votes