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Born: 1569 AD
Died: 1627 AD
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1569 – He was born on the 31st day of August of this year in Fatehpur Sikri. He was named Salim after the darvesh and was affectionately addressed by Akbar as the Sheikhu Baba.


1581 – Salim was made a Mansabdar of ten thousand (Das-Hazari), the highest military rank of the empire, after the emperor. He independently commanded a regiment in the Kabul campaign of this year, when he was barely twelve.


1585 – His Mansab was raised to Twelve Thousand, in this year, at the time of his betrothal to his cousin Man Bai, daughter of Bhagwan Das of Amber. Bhagwan Das (son of Bihari Mal) was the brother of Akbar’s wife Jodhabai nee Rajkumari Hira Kunwari. The marriage with Man Bai took place on February 13 of this year. Thereafter, he was allowed to marry, in quick succession, a number of accomplished girls from the aristocratic Mughal and Rajput families.


1599 – Salim raised a standard of revolt against Akbar in this year.


1605 – Prince Salim finally succeeded to the throne on November 3 of this year, eight days after his father’s death. He became the ruler of Mughal Empire and reign until the time of his death.


1611 – Jahangir married his twentieth and last wife, the extremely beautiful and intelligent Mehr-un-Nisa (better known by her subsequent title of Nur Jahan), in May of this year. She was the widow of Sher Afghan.


1622 – In this year, Khurram (Shah Jahan), younger brother of Khusrau, had Khusrau murdered in a conspiracy to eliminate all possible contenders to the throne.


1627 – He passed away on the 27th day of October of this year. He was buried at the Tomb of Jahangir in Shahdara, a suburb of Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. His third son, Prince Khurram who took the title of Shah Jahan succeeded him.

3.4 (68%) 25 votes