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Jagan, Janet

Born: 1920 AD
Currently alive, at 97 years of age.

Janet Rosalie Jagan is a Guyanese (US-born) politician.


1920 –  Born 20th October in Chicago, Illinois, United States.


1943 – Married to Cheddi Jagan, a former Prime Minister and President of Guyana.


1950 – Co-founded People’s Progressive Party.


1950-1970 – Served as 1st secretary-general of People’s Progressive Party.


1957-1961 – Guyanese labor, health and housing minister.


1963-1964 – Became the Guyanese home affairs minister.


1993 – Acting Guyanese ambassador to UN.


1997 – Prime minister of Guyana (1st female prime minister).


1997-1999 – President of and the 1st female and white president.