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Ives, Charles Edward

Born: 1874 AD
Died: 1954 AD
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1874 – Born in Danbury, Connecticut on the 20th of  October.

1893 – Ives moved to New Haven, graduating from the Hopkins School.

1894 – In September, Ives entered Yale University, studying under Horatio Parker.

1896 – He composed in a choral style similar to his mentor, writing church music and campaign song for William McKinley.

1899 – He moved to employment with the agency Charles H. Raymond.

1902 – He continued his work as a church organist until May.

1907 – Upon the failure of Raymond & Co., he and his friend Julian W. Myrick formed their own insurance agency Ives & Co., which later became Ives & Myrick, where he remained until he retired.

1922 – Ives published his 114 Songs which represents the breadth of his work as a composer — it includes art songs, songs he wrote as a teenager and young man, and highly dissonant songs such as "The Majority.

1927 – He came downstairs with tears in his eyes: he could compose no more, he said, "nothing sounds right."

1930 – He retired from his insurance business, which gave him more time to devote to his musical work, but he was unable to write any new music.

1940 – He revised his Concord Sonata, publishing it in 1947.

1954 – Died on the 19th of May in New York City.


2.1 (41.25%) 16 votes