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Iturbide, Agustin de

Born: 1783 AD
Died: 1824 AD
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1783 – Born on September 27th in Morelia, Mexico. Mexican caudillo (military chieftain) who became the leader of the conservative factions in the Mexican independence movement and, as Agustín I, briefly emperor of Mexico.

1797 – He joined the provincial regiment of his native city.

1810 – He refused a post in Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla’sqv revolutionary forces and joined the Royalists.

1813-1816 – He was given command of the military district of Guanajuato and Michoacán, but charges of extortion and violence led to his recall.

1820-1821 – Iturbide associated himself with a revolutionary movement against the liberal Spanish Constitution and issued the Plan de Iguala for a Mexican empire on February 24th.

1822 – After the treaty of Córdoba gave Mexico her independence, Iturbide entered Mexico City in September and on May 19th, was proclaimed Agustín I, emperor of Mexico.

         – His regime proved arbitrary and extravagant, and in December Antonio López de Santa Annaqv led a revolt against him.

1823 – On January 4th, Iturbide signed the first permit for the settlement of Anglo-Americans in Texas for Stephen F. Austin’sqv colony.

         – He abdicated on March 19th, and on May 11 sailed for Italy.

1824 – Ignorant of a decree of death awaiting his reappearance in Mexico, Iturbide sailed from Europe on May 11th, and landed at Sota la Marina on July 15th. He was recognized, captured, and shot at Padilla, Tamaulipas, on July 19th.

2.8 (56.36%) 44 votes