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Ibuse, Masuji

Born: 1898 AD
Died: 1993 AD, at 95 years of age.

Nationality: Japanese
Categories: Novelists, Writers


1898 - Born on February 15th in Kamo District, Hiroshima, Japan.

1917 - Entered the preparatory course in the Department of Literature at Waseda University.

1919 - Ibuse advanced to the French literature section of the department, making his initial attempts at writing fiction under the encouragement of a close friend named Aoki Nanpachi.

1923 - Ibuse made his literary debut with the story Ykhei (Confinement), which was published in the coterie magazine Seiki (Century).

1930 - He established himself as an important author with the publication of Yofuke to ume no hana (Midnight and Plum Blossoms), a collection containing the stories SanshMuo (Salamander; first published as a revised version of Ykhei) and Yane no ue no sawan (Sawan on the Roof).

1931 - After the Manchurian Incident, traditional fiction experienced a resurgence in popularity and Ibuse’s individualistic style attracted widespread attention.

1939 - Ibuse published Tajinko-mura (Tajinko Village), which takes the form of a diary by a young policeman who describes the various minor crises he encounters on his job.

1949 - Among his post war stories were  Honjitsu kykshin (Clinic Closed Today) and Ekimae ryokan (The Inn in Front of the Station).

1950-1965 - After the war ended, lingering feelings of sadness and resentment provided the basis for YMhai taichM (The Captain Who Worshipped from Afar) and Kuroi ame (Black Rain).

1971-1981 - He also wrote a large number of essays and personally oriented autobiographical accounts such as Waseda no mori (The Waseda Forest) and Ogikubo fudoki (An Ogikubo Gazetteer).

1993 - Died on July 10th.


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