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Hussein, Saddam al-Tikriti

Born: 1937 AD
Died: 2006 AD

1937 – Born on the 28th of April in Al Awja.


1957 – He joined Ba’ath Socialist Party.


1968-1979 – He was the acting vice-president of Iraq.


         – de facto leader of Iraq following heart attack of Ahmad Hassan al-Bakr)


1979-2003 – He became the president of Iraq.


1980 – Declared war on Iran.


1990 – Directed Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.


1991 – Defeated in Gulf War and forced to withdraw from Kuwait.


1992 – Allegedly ordered assassination attempt on George Bush.


2003 – He was defeated and disappeared during Operation Iraqi Freedom , but subsequently found and arrested by coalition forces.


2006 – He was executed in an Iraqi army base in Kadhimiya on the 30th of December.