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Hume, John

Born: 1937 AD
Currently alive, at 81 years of age.
3.4 (67.27%) 11 votes

1937 – Born in Londonderry on the 18th of January.

1969 – Hume became an independent member of the Northern Ireland Parliament at the height of the civil rights campaign.

1971 – In October, he joined four Westminster MPs in a 48-hour hunger strike to protest at the internment without trial of hundreds of suspected Irish republicans.

1973 – He was elected to the Northern Ireland Assembly.

1974 – Served as Minister of Commerce in the short-lived power-sharing government.

1979 – A founding member of the Social Democratic and Labour Party, he succeeded Gerry Fitt as its leader.

1983 – He was elected to the Westminster Parliament.

1995 – He has also served as one of Northern Ireland’s three Member of the European Parliaments and has served on the faculty of Boston College, from which he received an honorary degree.

1998 – He won the Nobel Peace Prize alongside the then-leader of the Ulster Unionist Party, David Trimble.

2004 – On the 4th of February, Hume announced his complete retirement from politics, and shepherded Mark Durkan as the SDLP leader and successor.

3.4 (67.27%) 11 votes