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David Hume

Born: 1711 AD
Died: 1776 AD, at 65 years of age.

Nationality: Scottish
Categories: Historian, Philosopher


1711 - Born in Edinburgh on the 26th of April.

1723 - He appears to have entered the Greek classes of the university of Edinburgh.

1726 - He returned to Ninewells with a fair knowledge of Latin, slight acqtiaintance with Greek and literary tastes decidedly inclining to "books of reasoning and philosophy, and to poetry and the polite authors.

1730 - In January, appeared the first and second volumes of the Treatise of human Nature, being an Attempt to Introduce the Experimental Method of Reasoning into Moral Subjects, containing book I, Of the Understanding, and book II, Of the Passions.

1737 - He was in London arranging for its publication and polishing it in preparation for the judgments of the learned.

1741 - He published the first volume of his Essays, which had a considerable and immediate success.

1746 - He accepted the office of secretary to General St. Clair, and was a spectator of the ill-fated expedition to France in the autumn of that year.

1748 - The Philosophical Essays were published; but the first reception of the work was little more favorable than that accorded to the Treatise.

1749 - He returned to Ninewells, enriched with "near a thousand pounds.

1751 - He removed to Edinburgh, where for the most part he resided during the next twelve years of his life.

         - He published his Political Discourses, which had a great and well-deserved success both in England and abroad.

         - He was again unsuccessful in the attempt to gain a professor's chair.

1753 - He was fairly settled in Edinburgh, preparing for his History of England.

1763 - He accompanied Lord Hertford to Paris, doing the duties of secretary to the embassy, with the prospect of the appointment to that post.

1766 - He left Paris and returned to Edinburgh.

1767 - He accepted the post of under-secretary to General Conway and spent two years in London.

1769 - He settled finally in Edinburgh, having now through his pension and otherwise an income of £1000 a year.

1775 - He was struck with a tedious and harassing though not painful illness.

1776 - He died in Edinburgh on the 25th of August.


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  • "Truth springs from argument amongst friends."
  • "History is the discovering of the constant and universal principles of human nature."
  • "It is seldom that liberty of any kind is lost all at once."
  • "Beauty in things exists in the mind which contemplates them."