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Born: 1508 AD
Died: 1556 AD
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1508 – He was born Nasiruddin Humayun on the 6th day of March this year in Kabul.


1530 – He succeeded his father, became the second Mughal Emperor who ruled modern Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the northern parts of India from this year until 1540 and again from 1555–1556.


1537 – He was opposed by Sher Shah in Bihar who overran Bengal.


1539 – This year, he routed Humayan at Chausa.


1540 – He was defeated at Kanauj.


1544 – He fled to Sind and found refuge with Shah Tahmasp of Persia.


1555 – After the death of Sher Shah’s son, Humayan invaded India with Persian support in this year and restored Mughal authority. He died soon after; his son, Akbar, succeeded him as emperor.


1556 – He died on the 22nd day of February this year in Delhi.

3.2 (64.33%) 97 votes