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Hugh the Great

Born: 9XX0 AD
Died: 9560 AD
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Hugh the Great was a Duke of the Franks and count of Paris.

936 – Hugh was in possession of nearly all the region between the Loire and the Seine.

       – He took a very active part in bringing Louis IV (d’Outremer) from the Kingdom of England.

       – Hugh married Hedwige of Saxony, a daughter of Henry the Fowler of Germany and Matilda of Ringelheim.

948 – At the council of Ingelheim, Hugh was condemned, under pain of excommunication, to make reparation to Louis.

950 – The powerful vassal became reconciled with his suzerain and restored Laon.

953 – New difficulties arose, and peace was not finally concluded.

On the death of Louis IV, Hugh was one of the first to recognize Lothair as his successor.

955 – His expedition to take possession of Aquitaine was unsuccessful.

       – Giselbert, duke of Burgundy, acknowledged himself his vassal and betrothed his daughter to Hugh’s son Otto.

956 – Hugh became master of the duchy  but died soon afterwards, on the 16th or 17th of June.

2.7 (53.91%) 23 votes