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Hudson, Henry

Born: 1570 AD
Died: 1611 AD
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1570 – Henry Hudson, born on the 12th of September in London, England. He was an Englishman and accomplished navigator and sailor. It is unknown where and when he was born, but his four ocean voyages put his name on several places on the global map.

1607 – On the 1st of May, he set sail from England aboard the Hopewell with his son and 11 crewmembers. He and his crew sailed closer to the North Pole than any other explorers. He was looking for a Northwest Passage to the Orient and found there was no way through the North Pole. He eventually returned to England.

1608 – On the 22nd of April, he set sail once again aboard the Hopewell and discovered that as he rounded the northern tip of Norway, the sun shone 24 hours a day during the Arctic summer. He still failed to find a Northwest Passage.

1609 – He moved to Holland and sailed for the Dutch East India Company. The Dutch provided him with a ship called the Half Moon and a crew.

       – In April, the Half Moon set sail from Amsterdam and headed north. As the weather worsened and grew colder, the crew started to grumble and talk of mutiny.

       – In September, the ship dropped anchor in the harbor of a great river known today as the Hudson.

1610 – He set sail on his fourth journey from England on the 17th of April, and headed northwest. The journey was fraught with hardships and threats of mutiny.

1611 – Died on the 22nd of June at Hudson Bay.

3 (60.65%) 93 votes