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Howe, William

Born: 1729 AD
Died: 1814 AD
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1729 – Born on August 10th in England. William Howe, 5th Viscount Howe, a British general and was the younger brother of George Augustus.

1746-1747 – He entered the cavalry, becoming a lieutenant a year later.

1756-1757 – Howe became major and lieutenant colonel of the 58th (now Northampton) regiment, which he commanded at the capture of Louisburg.

1762 – He was adjutant-general of the force which besieged and took Havana, and at the close of the war had acquired the reputation of being one of the most brilliant of the junior officers of the army.

1764 – He was made colonel of the 46th foot and lieutenant-governor of the Isle of Wight four years later.

1758 – He was M.P. for Nottingham.

1772-1774 – He became major-general and he was entrusted with the training of light infantry companies on a new system, the training-ground being Salisbury Plain.

1782-1793 – Howe was made lieutenant-general of the ordnance; he was placed in command of the forces organized for action against Spain, and he was made a full general.

1795-1805 – He had been made governor of Berwick-on-Tweed and became governor of Plymouth.

1814 – Died on July 12th in Plymouth, Devon, England.

2.6 (51.43%) 14 votes