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Howe, Joseph

Born: 1804 AD
Died: 1873 AD
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1804 – Born on the 13th of December.

1828 – Howe purchased the Novascotian, a local Halifax newspaper and went into the printing business for himself.

         – He married Catherine Ann Susan McNab on the 2nd of February.

1836 – He was first elected, campaigning on a platform of support for responsible government.

1840 – He formed a coalition with Conservative leader James William Johnston, hoping to further the cause of responsible government.

1841 – Howe acted as its editor, turning the paper into the most influential in the province.

         – He held the office of Speaker of the assembly.

1842 – Collector of excise for Halifax.

1843 – Howe’s resignation from the Council.

1844-1846 – He assumed the editorships of both the Novascotian and the Morning Chronicle, making them rallying points for liberal principles.

1853 – He also began a campaign of railway construction, resigning as Provincial Secretary to become Nova Scotia’s first Chief Commissioner of Railways; as Commissioner he oversaw the initial construction of the Nova Scotia Railway.

1868 – Having failed to win repeal of Confederation Howe recognized the futility of further protests.

1869 – He was persuaded to join the Canadian Cabinet as President of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada after receiving a promise of "better terms" for Nova Scotia.

         – In November, he became secretary of state for the provinces in which post he played a role in Manitoba’s entry into Confederation.

1873 – He resigned his Cabinet post to become lieutenant-governor of Nova Scotia.

         – Died on the 1st of June in Camp Hill Cemetery in Halifax.

2.5 (50.77%) 13 votes