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Howard, Moe

Born: 1897 AD
Died: 1975 AD
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US actor and comedian, brother of Curly Howard and Shemp Howard


Born- 1897- Brooklyn, NY


1915- High School: Erasmus Hall High School, Brooklyn, NY


Moe’s largest problem, in his early years, was undoubtedly his hair. Although his "bowl-cut" hair cut is now world famous, his mother had always wanted a daughter, so, as a child his mother refused to cut his beautiful hair, letting it grow to shoulder length. One day, he could not take his classmates’ teasing any longer. Moe snuck off to a shed in their backyard, and with the help of a friend and a mixing bowl, cut his hair. The hair style stayed with him for the rest of his life.


1925- Married Helen Schonberger, Moe and Helen had two children, Joan Howard Maurer (born 1927)

and Paul Howard (born 1935).


1934- began making short films at the Columbia film studio, where they stayed until 1957, making 190 short films.


1934- they released their first Three Stooges, short subject for Columbia, Woman Haters


1946- Curly suffered a massive stroke during the filming of Half-Wits Holiday. Although Moe made certain that his baby brother received the best medical care, he had him replaced in the Three Stooges by the other brother Shemp, who returned to the group until Curly was well enough to rejoin the Stooges. Although he had recovered enough to appear in Hold That Lion! in a cameo appearance (the only Three Stooges film to contain all three Howard brothers; Moe, Curly, and Shemp)


1952- Curly Howard suffered a series of strokes, leading to his death on January 18 1952.


1950s- The Three Stooges continued to make short films for Columbia into the era of television.


1955- Moe’s brother Samuel (Shemp) died, necessitating the need for another Stooge. Existing footage enabled the Stooges to complete the films that they had been working on until Moe hired

Joe Besser in 1956, who worked with Moe and Larry.


1957- the making of shorts came to an end, and Moe Howard was forced to take a job as a lowly errand boy

at Columbia, a broken, but proud man.


1959- Fortunately for the Stooges, Columbia’s sale of the library of short films to television under "Screen Gems" brand. With this, the Three Stooges quickly gained a new audience of young fans. Ever the businessman, Moe Howard sought out Joe DeRita as the third Stooge and approached Columbia. The studio, and others, starred the revitalized trio in several feature-length movies – Have Rocket, Will Travel, Snow White and the Three Stooges, The Three Stooges Meet Hercules, The Three Stooges in Orbit, The Three Stooges Go Around the World in a Daze, and The Outlaws Is Coming.


Their salaries-

1934- Woman Haters $1,000 (split with Curly Howard and Larry Fine)

1959- Have Rocket, Will Travel $30,000 +25% of profits (split with Larry Fine and Joe Da Ri

1962- The Three Stooges in Orbit $50,000 +50% of profits (split with Larry Fine and Joe Da Rita


1963- Moe, Larry and Curly-Joe continued to make live appearances, many notable "guest appearances", notably in It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World – as firemen! – and 4 for Texas.


1965- it was clear that the trio were not immune to age. They were simply getting too old to do slapstick comedy. However, they did at least receive royalties from the movies, so they had some income.


1966- The boys tried their hand at a children’s cartoon show titled The New 3 Stooges, with the cartoons sandwiched between live action segments of the boys.


1966- Don’t Worry, We’ll Think of a Title


Moe’s professional life slowed down dramatically, although he still did minor roles and walk-on bits

television appearances ("Here’s Hollywood", "Toast of the Town", "Masquerade Party", and several appearances on "The Mike Douglas Show"). The Stooges also made several appearances on late night television, particularly "The Tonight Show".


1969- The Stooges final film, Kook’s Tour, which was essentially an early "reality TV" show of Moe, Larry and Curly-Joe, out of character, touring the country and interacting with fans.


1975- Moe’s death, just a month shy of his 78th birthday.


1983- The Three Stooges received a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, at 1560 Vine Street, for their contributions to Motion Pictures.


2000- Paul Ben-Victor played Moe Howard in a TV movie.




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3.4 (68.92%) 65 votes