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Houston, Samuel

Born: 1793 AD
Died: 1863 AD
3.5 (70.26%) 39 votes

1793 – Born on March 2nd in Lexington, Virginia. The American general and statesman Sam Houston, of Scotch-Irish descent.

1813 – Served the United States Army as a general.

1817-1818 – He was appointed sub-agent in managing the business relating to the removal of the Cherokees from East Tennessee to a reservation in what is now Arkansas, but he was offended at a rebuke from John C. Calhoun, then Secretary of War, for appearing before him in Indian garments, as well as at an inquiry into charges affecting his official integrity, and he resigned.

1823-1827 – Houston represented the ninth district of Tennessee in Congress.

         – He was elected Governor of the state by the Jackson Democrats.

1829 – He married Eliza Alien in January.

         – He resigned his office of Governor, again took up his residence among the Cherokees, who were at this time about to remove to Indian Territory, and was formally adopted a member of their nation.

1836 – Was a Representative from Texas.

1840 – Married to Margaret Moffette Lee on May 9th.

1841 – Was president of the Republic of Texas.

1846 – Was a United States Senator from Texas.

1859 – Was elected Governor of Texas.

1863 – Died on July 26th in Huntsville, Texas.

3.5 (70.26%) 39 votes