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Quintus Horatius Flaccus (Horace)

Born: 065 AD
Died: 008 AD.

Nationality: Roman
Categories: Poets


65 BC - Born on December 8th in Venusia, Italy. An outstanding Latin lyric poet and satirist under the emperor Augustus.  

46 BC - Horace went to Athens, attending lectures at the Academy.

39 BC - He proceeded to Rome, obtaining, either before or after a general amnesty, the minor but quite important post of one of the 36 clerks of the treasury (scribae quaestorii).

38 BC - He was introduced to Gaius Maecenas, a man of letters from Etruria in central Italy who was one of Octavian's principal political advisers.

35 BC - Horace published his Book I of the Satires, 10 poems written in hexameter verse.

30-29 BC - Horace published his Epodes and a second book of eight Satires.

27-23 BC - While the victor, styled Augustus, settled down, Horace turned, in the most active period of his poetical life, to the Odes, of which he published three books, comprising 88 short poems.

19-15 BC - The “Epistle to Florus” may have been written, the Ars poetica (consisting of nearly 30 maxims for young poets' guidance), and the last epistle of Book I.

         - He composed the Secular Hymn (Carmen saeculare) for ancient ceremonies called the Secular Games, which Augustus had revived to provide a solemn, religious sanction for the regime and, in particular, for his moral reforms of the previous year.

8 BC - A month or two later after the death of Maecenas, who had been less in Augustus' counsels during recent years, Horace himself died on November 27th in Rome, after naming Augustus as his heir. He was buried on the Esquiline Hill near Maecenas' grave.


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