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Hopkins, Stephen

Born: 1707 AD
Died: 1785 AD
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1707 – Born on the 7th of March.

1732 – He served in Rhode Island’s colonial assembly.

1738 – He served as a Speaker.

1754 – He represented Rhode Island at the Albany Congress in New York, where he and others considered Benjamin Franklin’s early plan for uniting the colonies and arranging an alliance with the Indians, in view of the impending war with France.

1753 – Hopkins helped to found a subscription library, the Providence Library Company and was a member of the Philosophical Society of Newport.

1755 – He was elected Governor of Rhode Island nine times.

1764 – He published a pamphlet "The Rights of the Colonies Examined" whose broad distribution and criticism of taxation and Parliament built his reputation as a revolutionary leader.

1773 – He freed his slaves, and the following year, while serving in the Rhode Island Assembly.

1774 – He introduced a bill that prohibited the importation of slaves into the colony. This became one of the first anti-slavery laws in the new United States.

         – He led the colony’s delegation to the Continental Congress later, along with Samuel Ward , and was a proud signer of the Declaration of Independence.

1776 – In September, his poor health forced him to resign from the Continental Congress and return to his home in Rhode Island.

1777-1779 – Hopkins remained an active member of Rhode Island’s general assembly.

1785 – Died at his home in Providence on the 13th of July at the age of 78, and is interred in the North Burial Ground there. The town of Hopkinton, Rhode Island was later named after him.

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