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Hone, William

Born: 1780 AD
Died: 1842 AD

1780 – Hone was born in Somerset, England on June 3, 1780.

1800 – Hone was married and started a book and print shop in Lambeth Walk.

1811 – Hone was employed as auctioneer by the booksellers and had an office in Ivy Lane.

1815 – Started the Traveller Newspaper and tried to save Eliza Fenning.

1817 – Hone published the Reformists’ Register, using it to criticise state abuses.

1819-1821 – Hone’s most successful political satires were The Political house that Jack built, The Queen’s Matrimonial Ladder, Ill favour of Queen Caroline, The Man in the Moon and The Political Showman.