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Holmes, Oliver Wendell Jr.

Born: 1841 AD
Died: 1935 AD
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US Jurist



fought in Civil War 1861-1864 and wounded at battles of Ball’s Bluff 1861, Antietam 1862, Fredericksburg 1863


admitted to Massachusetts bar 1867


partner in law firm Shattuck, Holmes and Munroe 1873-1882


wrote "The Common Law" 1881


associate justice of Massachusetts supreme court 1882-1899


chief justice of Massachusetts supreme court 1899-1902


Supreme Court justice 1902-1932


wrote decisions for Schenck v. US 1919 (9-0, free speech that poses "clear and present danger" can be curtailed), Buck v. Bell 1927 (8-1, states can sterilize mentally retarded people without their consent)


son of Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.



2.9 (57.78%) 9 votes