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Hogarth, William

Born: 1697 AD
Died: 1764 AD
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1697 – He was born at Bartholomew Close in London this year.


1720 – He was engraver on his own account, at first engraving coats of arms, shop bills, and designing plates for booksellers.


1724 – An early print by William Hogarth entitled A Just View of the British Stage this year.


1727 – He was hired by Joshua Morris, a tapestry worker to prepare a design for the Element of Earth.


1729 – He was married to Jane Thornhill, daughter of artist Sir James Thornhill.


1731 – He completed the earliest of the series of moral works, which first gave him his position as a great and original genius.


1743 – He painted the six pictures of Marriage à-la-mode.


1745 – He painted a self-portrait with his dog this year.


1746 – He painted actor David Garrick as Richard III, for which he was paid £200.


1749 – He represented the somewhat disorderly English troops on their March of the Guards to Finchley.


1753 – He also wrote and published his ideas of artistic design in his book The Analysis of Beauty.


1757 – He was appointed Serjeant Painter to the King.


1764 – He died in London , and he was buried at St. Nicholas’s Churchyard, London.























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