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Hoffman, Dustin Lee

Born: 1937 AD
Currently alive, at 81 years of age.
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US movie actor


starred in movies "The Graduate" 1967 (as Benjamin Braddock), "Midnight Cowboy" 1969 (as Ratso Rizzo), "Little Big Man" 1970 (as Jack Crabb), "Who Is Harry Kellerman and Why Is He Saying Those Terrible Things About Me?" 1971 (as Georgie Soloway), "Lenny" 1974 (as Lenny Bruce), "Marathon Man" 1976 (as Thomas Babington Levy), "All the President's Men" 1976 (as Carl Bernstein), "Kramer vs. Kramer" 1979 (as Ted Kramer), "Tootsie" 1982 (as Michael Dorsay/Dorothy Michaels), "Ishtar" 1987 (as Chuck Clarke), "Rain Man" 1988 (as Raymond Babbitt), "Hook" 1991 (as Captain Hook), "Billy Bathgate" 1991 (as Dutch Schultz), "Hero" 1992 (as Bernie Laplante), "Outbreak" 1995 (as Col. Sam Daniels), "American Buffalo" 1996 (as Teach), "Sleepers" 1996 (as Danny Snyder), "Wag the Dog" 1997 (as Stanley Motss), "Sphere" 1998 (as Norman Goodman)

2.5 (50%) 2 votes