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Himmler, Heinrich

Born: 1900 AD
Died: 1945 AD
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German Nazi politician.

1900 – Born 7th of October in Munich, Germany.

1910 – Attended at elite Gymnasia secondary schools in Munich and Landshut, where studies revolved around classic literature.

1919-1922 – Studied agronomy at Munich Technische Hochschule.

1923 – Himmler took part in Hitler’s Beer Hall Putsch under Ernst Röhm.

1925 – Joined the SS and by 1927 had been appointed deputy reichsführer-SS.

1928 – Married Margarete Siegroth and had their only child, daughter Gudrun.

1929 – Appointed as the new Reichsführer-SS and also appointed leader of the SS, it had only 280 members, and was considered a mere battalion of the much larger SA.

1933 – Nazi Party rose, Himmler’s SS numbered 52,000 members, and the organization had developed strict membership requirements ensuring all members were of Adolf Hitler’s "Aryan Herrenvolk" ("Aryan master race").

1936 – Gained further authority as all of Germany’s uniformed law enforcement agencies were amalgamated into the new Ordnungspolizei.

1943 – Appointed Minister of the Interior, that the transfer of ministerial power was complete.

1944-1945 – Himmler’s Waffen-SS numbered 910,000 members, with the Allgemeine-SS (at least on paper)

hosting a membership of nearly two million.

        – Commander-in-Chief of army group Upper Rhine, which was fighting the oncoming United States 7th Army and French 1st Army in the Alsace region on the west bank of the Rhine.

1945 – Himmler was arrested on 22nd of May and committed suicide on the 23rd of May in Lüneburg by swallowing a potassium cyanide capsule.

3.3 (65.45%) 44 votes