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Henry V

Born: 1387 AD
Died: 1422 AD
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1387 – Born on August 9th in Monmouth, Wales. Henry V was born at Monmouth Castle into one of England’s most powerful noble families. His grandfather was John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, third son of Edward III, a staunch supporter of Richard II – the ruling king – and the most powerful English noble of the age.

1399 – Henry Bolingbroke became Henry IV of England, and two days later Henry of Monmouth was accepted by Parliament as heir to the throne, Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall and Earl of Chester. Two months later he was given the further titles Duke of Lancaster and Duke of Aquitaine.

1413 – He became the King of England on March 20th.

1415 – Henry set sail for France, capturing Harfleur.

         – He defeated French at battle of Agincourt.

1420 – Married to Catherine of Valois.

1422 – Died of dysentery on August 31st in Bois de Vincennes, France.

3 (59%) 40 votes