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Henry III

Born: 1207 AD
Died: 1272 AD
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1207 – Henry III King of England, born on the 1st of October, the elder son and successor, at the age of nine, of John.

1227 – He declared an end to his minority.

1232 – He stripped the justiciar, Hubert de Burgh, of power. His arbitrary assertion of royal rights conflicted with the principles of Magna Carta, and antagonized many nobles.

1242 – He failed to recover Poitou (N Aquitaine).

1254 – He accepted for his son Edmund the Kingdom of Sicily, then occupied by the Hohenstaufens.

1258 – Seek the support of the barons who, under the leadership of the king’s brother-in-law, Simon de Montfort, imposed far-reaching reforms by the Provisions of Oxford, which gave them a definite say in government.

1264 – Sought to restore royal power, the barons rebelled and captured the king at Lewes.

1265 – He was defeated at Evesham.

1266 – The Dictum of Kenilworth, though favourable to him, urged him to observe Magna Carta.

1267 – Organized resistance ended, and the rest of the reign was stable. He was succeeded by his elder son, Edward I.

1272 – Died on the 16th of November, after which he was succeeded by his son, Edward I. His body was laid, temporarily, in the tomb of Edward the Confessor while his own sarcophagus was constructed in Westminster Abbey.

2.9 (57.27%) 22 votes