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Born: 1512 AD
Died: 1580 AD
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1512 – He was born on the 31st day of January this year in Lisbon, Kingdom of Portugal. Henry was the younger brother of King John III and, as a younger son; Henry was not expected to succeed to the Portuguese throne. Early in his life, Henry took Holy Orders to promote Portuguese interests within the Catholic Church, and then dominated by Spain.


1557 – He served as regent for his grandnephew, Sebastião, after this year, and then succeeded him as king after the disastrous Battle of Alcácer-Quibir in 1578. Henry renounced his clerical offices and sought to take a bride for the continuation of the Aviz dynasty, but Pope Gregory XIII, affiliated with the Habsburgs did not release him from his vows.


1578 – His reign began on the 4th day of August this year.


1580 – He passed away on the 31st day of January of this year in Almeirim, Kingdom of Portugal. The Cardinal-King died without having appointed a Council of Regency to choose a successor. One of the closest dynastic claimants was King Philip II of Spain who, in November 1580, sent the Duke of Alba to claim Portugal by force. Lisbon soon fell, and Philip was elected King of Portugal on condition that the kingdom and its overseas territories would not become Spanish provinces.

2.6 (51.43%) 14 votes