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Henley, William Ernest

Born: 1849 AD
Died: 1903 AD
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1849 – William Ernest Henley, born on the 23rd of August in Gloucester, England. He was an English poet, critic and editor.

1861 – At the age of 12 he became a victim of tuberculosis of the bone.

1867 – He successfully passed the Oxford local examination as a senior student.

1889 – He became editor of the Scots Observer, an Edinburgh journal on the lines of the old Saturday Review but inspired in every paragraph by his vigorous and combative personality.

1890 – Published Views and Reviews, a volume of notable criticisms, which he described as "less a book than a mosaic of scraps and shreds recovered from the shot rubbish of some fourteen years of journalism".

1892 – He published a second volume of poetry, named after the first poem, "The Song of the Sword" but re-christened "London Voluntaries" after another section in the second edition.

       – Published also three plays written with Stevenson — Beau Austin, Deacon Brodie and Admiral Guinea.

1895 – His poem, "Macaire", was published in a volume with the other plays.

1903 – Died on the 11th of July in England.

2.8 (55.29%) 17 votes