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Heinlein, Robert Anson

Born: 1907 AD
Died: 1988 AD, at 80 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Authors


1907 - Born in Butler, Missouri on the 7th of July.

1929 - He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy and served as an officer in the United States Navy.

         - On the 21st of June, he married the former Eleanor Curry of Kansas City, but this marriage lasted only about a year.

1931 - He served on the USS Lexington.

1933 - Heinlein served aboard USS Roper, reaching the rank of lieutenant.

1934 - Heinlein was discharged from the Navy due to pulmonary tuberculosis.

1938 - Heinlein himself ran for the California State Assembly, but was unsuccessful.

1945 - Heinlein began re-evaluating his career.

1947 - He published four influential stories for The Saturday Evening Post, leading off, in February with "The Green Hills of Earth", which made him the first science fiction writer to break out of the "pulp ghetto".

1950 - Destination Moon the documentary-like film for which he had written the story and scenario, co-written the script, and invented many of the effects won an Academy Award for special effects.

1953 - The Heinleins took a trip around the world, which Heinlein described in Tramp Royale, and which also provided background material for science fiction novels set aboard spaceships, such as Podkayne of Mars.

1954 - He wrote "many Americans" were asserting loudly that McCarthy had created a 'reign of terror.' Are you terrified? I am not, and I have in my background much political activity well to the left of Senator McCarthy's position."

1959 - He had used topical materials throughout his series, his Starship Troopers was regarded by the Scribner's editorial staff as too controversial for their prestige line and was rejected summarily.

1961-1966 - His best-known work, Stranger in a Strange Land and The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress.

1970 - Heinlein had a series of health crises, punctuated by strenuous work.

1980 - His surgical treatment re-energized Heinlein, and he wrote five novels.

1988 - Died in his sleep from emphysema and congestive heart failure on the 8th of May.



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