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Haynes, Lemuel

Born: 1753 AD
Died: 1833 AD
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1753 – He was born this year in West Hartford, Connecticut. At about twenty years of age, he saw the Aurora Borealis, and fearing the approach of the Day of Judgment as a result, he soon accepted Christianity. Five months later, he was bound to service until the age of 21 to David Rose of Middle Granville, Massachusetts.


1774 – Freed in this year, when his indenture expired, Haynes joined The Minutemen of Granville.


1775 – In this year, he marched with them to Roxbury, Massachusetts following the news of the Boston Massacre.


1776 – This year, he accompanied them in the garrisoning of the recently captured Fort Ticonderoga. He returned to his previous labors in Granville after the northern campaign of the American War of Independence.


1780’s – By the 1780s, he became a leading Calvinist minister in Vermont. His contemporary White republican and abolitionist thinkers saw slavery as a liability to the new country, but most argued for eventual slave expatriation to Africa.


1833 – He passed away this year.

3 (60%) 10 votes