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Hawking, Stephen William

Born: 1942 AD
Currently alive, at 73 years of age.

Nationality: English
Categories: Cosmologist, Physicists


1942 - Born on the 8th of January.

1950 - Hawking and his family moved to St Albans in Hertfordshire where, from the age of 11, he attended St Albans School.

1960 - He and his Cambridge friend and colleague, Roger Penrose, applied a new, complex mathematical model they had created from Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity.

1962 - Receiving his B.A. degree at Oxford University.

1974 - Hawking was elected as one of the youngest Fellows of the Royal Society.

1982 - Created a Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

1989 - Became a Companion of Honour.

1991 - Hawking's first wife, with whom he had three children, when the couple separated, reportedly due to the pressures of fame and his increasing disability.

1995 - Hawking married his nurse Elaine Mason.

1999 - Jane Hawking published a memoir, Music to Move the Stars, detailing her own long-term relationship with a family friend whom she later married.

2004 - Hawking was in the news in July for presenting a new theory about black holes which goes against his own long-held belief about their behavior, thus losing a bet he made with Kip Thorne and John Preskill of Caltech.

2005 - Hawking receives a new computer every 18-24 months donated by Intel. One such computer was donated in April and is based on the Centrino chipset.


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  • "A well-known scientist (some say it was Bertrand Russell) once gave a public lecture on astronomy. He described how the earth orbits around the sun and how the sun, in turn, orbits around the center of a vast collection of stars called our galaxy. At the end of the lecture a little old lady at the back of the room got up and said:'What you have told us is rubbish. The world is really a flat plate supported on the back of a giant tortoise.'The scientist gave a superior smile before replying,'What is the turtle standing on?''You're very clever, young man, very clever,'said the little old lady.'But it's turtles all the way down.'"
  • "It is not clear that intelligence has any long-term survival value."
  • "To confine our attention to terrestrial matters would be to limit the human spirit."
  • "My goal is simple. It is the complete understanding of the Universe."
  • "It matters if you just don't give up."