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Harris, Frank

Born: 1856 AD
Died: 1931 AD
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1856 – He was born on the 14th day of February this year in Galway, Ireland.


1868 – He was sent to Wales to continue his education as a boarder at the Ruabon Grammar School in Denbighshire, a time he was to remember later in My Life and Loves Harris was unhappy at the school and ran away within a year.


1869 – He studied at the University of Kansas.


1878 – He married Florence Ruth Adams, who died the following year.


1882 – He returned to England, he first came to general notice as the editor of a series of London papers including the Evening News, the Fortnightly Review and the Saturday Review, the last-named being the highpoint of his journalistic career, with H. G. Wells and George Bernard Shaw as regular contributors.


1916 – He returned to New York during World War I. From this year to 1922, he edited the U.S. edition of Pearson’s Magazine.


1921 – Harris became an American citizen in April of this year.


1922 – He traveled to Berlin to publish his best-known work, his autobiography My Life and Loves (published in four volumes, 1922-1927). It is notorious for its graphic descriptions of Harris’s purported sexual encounters.


1923 – He attempted to sell the book in Paris caused it to be seized by French authorities.


1924 – The British occultist, mystic, and sexual revolutionary Aleister Crowley lived with him in this year.


1931 – He died of heart attack on the 27th day of August this year in France. A fifth volume, supposedly taken from his notes but of doubtful provenance, was published in 1954, long after his death.

2.6 (52%) 15 votes