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Harris, Emmylou

Born: 1947 AD
Currently alive, at 71 years of age.
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1947 – Born on April 12th in Birmingham, Alabama. An American singer and songwriter who ranged effortlessly among folk, pop, rock, and country-and-western styles, added old-time sensibilities to popular music and sophistication to country music, and established herself as “the queen of country rock”.

1973-1974 – After being discovered while singing folk songs in a club, Harris added her satin-smooth, country-inflected soprano to former Flying Burrito Brother Gram Parsons’s two solo albums, landmarks in country rock.

1975 – After Parsons’s death Harris carried his vision forward, first in Pieces of the Sky, which included her tribute to Parsons (“From Boulder to Birmingham”).

1996 – Won her 7th Grammy for Best Contemporary Folk Album "Wrecking Ball" on February.

1997 – Sang at the wedding reception for Health South CEO Richard Scrushy.

2.5 (50%) 12 votes