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Harrington, James

Born: 1611 AD
Died: 1677 AD
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1611 – Born in Upton, Northampshire on the 7th of January.

1629 – He entered Trinity College, Oxford as a gentleman commoner and left two years later with no degree.

1636 – Harrington appears to have returned to England, the following decade, including his comings and goings during the Civil Wars,

1639 – He accompanied Charles I to Scotland in connection with the first bishops’ war.

1641-1645 – He came to Parliament’s financial assistance with loans and solicitations.

1647 – In May, he became a gentleman groom of the royal bedchamber; we see him acting in that capacity through the end of the year and also at Hurst Castle and at Carisbrooke.


1656 – Wrote "Commonwealth of Oceana".


1661 – On the 28th of December, Harrington was arrested on a charge of conspiring against the government in the "Bow Street" cabal[4] and, without a trial, was thrown into the Tower.

1677 – Died on the 11th of Septamber in London, England.


2.9 (58.62%) 29 votes