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Hardy, Oliver Nowell

Born: 1892 AD
Died: 1957 AD
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US actor and comedian-partner of Stan Laurel


Born- 1892- Harlem, GA


Hardy’s parents were of English and Scottish descent.


University- Young Harris College, Young Harris, GA


1926- a hot leg of lamb changed the future of both Laurel and Hardy. Hardy was scheduled to appear in

Get ‘Em Young but was unexpectedly hospitalized after being burned by a hot leg of lamb. Laurel, who had been working as a gag man and director at Roach Studios, was recruited to fill in. Laurel kept appearing in front of the camera rather than behind it, and later that year appeared in the same movie as Hardy,

in 45 Minutes from Hollywood, although they didn’t share any scenes together.


1927- Laurel and Hardy began sharing screen time together in Slipping Wives, Duck Soup (no relation to the Marx Brothers film of the same name) and With Love and Hisses. Roach Studios’ supervising

director Leo McCarey had realized the audience reaction to the two, and had begun intentionally

teaming them together, leading to the start of the Laurel and Hardy series late that year.

With Laurel and Hardy, he had created one of the most famous comedy teams of all time. They began producing a huge body of short movies.


1936- Hardy’s personal life suffered a blow as he and Myrtle divorced. Whilst waiting for a contractual issue between Laurel and Hal Roach to be resolved, Hardy made Zenobia with Harry Langdon. Eventually, however, new contracts were agreed and the team was loaned out to General Services Studio to make The Flying Deuces. While on the lot, Hardy fell in love with Virginia Lucille Jones, a script girl, whom he married the next year. They enjoyed a happy marriage until his death.


1940- Laurel and Hardy also began performing for the USO, supporting the Allied troops during World War II.

They also made A Chump at Oxford (1940) (which features a moment of role reversal, with Oliver becoming a temporarily concussed Stan’s subordinate) and Saps at Sea (1940).


1941- Laurel and Hardy’s films began to decline in quality. They left Roach Studios and began making films for 20th Century Fox, and later MGM. Although they were financially better off, they had very little artistic control at the large studios, and hence the films lack the very qualities that had made Laurel and Hardy worldwide names.


1947- Laurel and Hardy went on a six week tour of Great Britain. Initially unsure of how they would be received, they were mobbed wherever they went.


The tour was then lengthened to include engagements in Scandinavia, Belgium, France, as well

as a Royal Command Performance for King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.


1949- Hardy’s friend, John Wayne, asked him to play a supporting role in The Fighting Kentuckian.

Hardy had previously worked with Wayne and John Ford in a charity production of the play What Price Glory?


1955- the pair (Laurel and Hardy) had contracted with Hal Roach Jr. to produce a series of TV shows based on the Mother Goose fables. However, this was never to be.


1913-1940- Married 3 times


Career movie Highlights- Big Business, Way Out West, The Music Box


1927-1951- Together for three decades, they made more than 100 films, 27 of them features; their best efforts are generally thought to be their early (1927-31) shorts. Their contrasting personalities, general clumsiness, and disaster-packed predicaments made them a universally popular comedy duo. 


1960- Laurel, accepted a special Oscar for the Laurel and Hardy team.


Laurel and Hardy, last movie together, Atoll K (1951)


1954- This Is Your Life- TV Episode (1 episode, 1954) – Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy


Hardy appeared in over 400 films, going back to 1914


"Silent Clowns" – Laurel and Hardy (2006) TV Episode









3.1 (62.86%) 14 votes