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Hale, Matthew, Sir

Born: 1609 AD
Died: 1676 AD
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1609 – Born at Alderley, Gloucestershire on the 1st of November.

1629 – On the 8th of November, Hale became a member of the honourable society of Lincoln’s Inn.

1637 – Hale was called to the bar and almost at once found himself in full practice.

1644 – Hale signed the Solemn League and Covenant, and was a member of the famous assembly of divines at Westminster.

1653 – Hale took the engagement to the Commonwealth as he had done to the king.

1660 – Hale was very graciously received by Charles II., and in the same year was appointed chief baron of the exchequer, and accepted, with extreme reluctance, the honour of knighthood.

1664 – He is chargeable, however, with the condemnation. and execution of two poor women from Lowestoft tried before him for witchcraft, a kind of judicial murder then falling under disuse.

1676 – Died on the 25th of December.


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