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Larry Martin Hagman (Larry Hagman)

Born: 1931 AD
Currently alive, at 83 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Actors, Comedians


1931 - Larry Martin Hagman was born in Fort Worth, Texas on the 21st of September.


1936 - His parents were divorced.



1938 - He lived with his grandmother in Texas and California.



1940 - His mother met and married Richard Halliday, giving birth to a daughter, Heller.



1945 - At age 14, while attending boarding school, he began drinking heavily which would lead to serious health problems later in life.


1946 - He moved back to his hometown of Weatherford, Texas, where he worked as a ranch hand for his father's friend's company.


1949 - He graduated from high school and his mother suggested that he try out as an actor.


1951 - He appeared in the London production of South Pacific with his mother, and stayed in the show for about a year.


1955 - Married Maj Axelsson and had two children.


1956 - He returned to New York where he appeared in the Off-Broadway play "Once Around the Block", by William Saroyan, and received excellent reviews.


1964 - He made his film debut in "Ensign Pulver", which featured young unknown, Jack Nicholson.


1965 - In it's first season, NBC executives decided, I Dream Of Jeannie, should not be filmed in color which was prohibitively expensive at the time.


1970- I Dream Of Jeannie- last episode shown. 


1977 - He chose to leave the good guy image behind and took on the starring role in "Dallas".


1978 - The producers thought that the series was originally supposed to be about Bobby & Pam, and it wasn’t originally intended to be a ratings bonanza, with producers anticipating having to cancel the show after only five episodes.


1990 - His mother was diagnosed with colon cancer and died just 1 month before her 77th birthday.


1995 - In August, Hagman underwent a lifesaving liver transplant after admitting, he had been a heavy drinker.









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