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Born: 7601 AD
Died: 1380 AD
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76 – He was born on the 24th day of January this year in Picenum in Italy.


85/86 – His parents died when Hadrian was nine, and the boy then became a ward of both Trajan and Publius Acilius Attianus (who was later Trajan’s Praetorian Prefect).


90 – He visited Italica when he was 14 and enlisted in the army there, but was recalled by Trajan who thereafter looked after his development.


98 – He rushed to inform Trajan personally. He later became legate of a legion in Upper Pannonia and eventually governor of said province. He was also archon in Athens for a brief time, and was elected an Athenian citizen.


123 – He arrived in Mauretania where he personally led a campaign against local rebels.


125 – He attempted to create a kind of provincial parliament to bind all the semi-autonomous former city states across all Greece and Ionia (in Asia Minor).


127 – He set off for a tour of Italy. Once again, historians are able to reconstruct his route by evidence of his hand-outs rather than the historical records.


128 – He returned to Italy in the summer of this year but his stay was brief before setting off on another tour that would last three years.


132 – His anti-Jewish persecutions in Judea led to the massive Jewish uprising (132 – 135) led by Bar Kokhba and Akiba ben Joseph. Hadrian’s army eventually defeated the revolt and continued the religious persecution of Jews, according to the Babylonian Talmud.


134 – He took an Imperial salutation for the end of the Jewish War (which was not actually concluded until the following year).


136 – He dedicated a new Temple of ‘Venus and Rome’ on the former site of Nero’s House. And he adopted one of the ordinary consuls of that year, Lucius Ceionius Commodus, who took the name Lucius Aelius Caesar.


138 – He died on the 10th day of July this year in his villa at Baiae at age 62.

2.9 (57%) 40 votes