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Gustav III

Born: 1746 AD
Died: 1792 AD
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1746 – Born on January 24th in Stockholm, Sweden.

1720 – His first political act was to reassert royal authority, subordinating the parties in the Riksdag and thereby halting the so-called Age of Freedom.

1766 – Married to Sophie Magdalene, daughter of Frederick V of Denmark.

1771 – He was proclaimed as the King of Sweden.

         – His reign was known as the ‘Gustavian Era’ or the age of ‘the Swedish Enlightenment’.

1782-1788 – A committed patron of the arts, he founded the Royal Opera House, the Swedish Academy, and the Royal Dramatic Theatre.

         – Poor harvests and a failing economy created discontent, and as a diversion he launched into a war against Russia that proved unpopular.

1790 – He continued to reduce the powers of the nobility, but aristocratic plots continued.

1792 – Died on March 29th. He was shot and mortally wounded by a Swedish army officer during a masked ball at the Royal Opera House.

2.9 (58.33%) 24 votes