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Guesclin, Bertrand du

Born: 1320? AD
Died: 1380 AD.

Nationality: French
Categories: Soldier


1320 - Born in Broons, near Dinan, in Bretagne. A constable of France, the most famous French warrior of his age.

1338 - He first made himself a name as a soldier at the tournament held at Rennes.

1341 - He served his apprenticeship as a soldier.

1342 - He distinguished himself by a brilliant action at the siege of Vannes.

1354 - Has been made a knight, he was sent into England with the lords of Brittany to treat for the ransom of Charles of Blois, who had been defeated and captured by the English.

1357 - Du Guesclin fought continuously against the English, and at this time he engaged in a celebrated duel with Sir Thomas Canterbury. He successfully defended, when the siege was raised in pursuance of the truce of Bordeaux.

         - He was rewarded with the lordship of Pontorson.

1364 - He married, but was soon again in the field, this time against the king of Navarre.

         - He won an important victory over the Navarrese at Cocherel, and took the famous Captal de Buch prisoner.

1380 - He was sent into Languedoc to suppress disturbances and brigandage, provoked by the harsh government of the duke of Anjou.

         - Died on July 13th.


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