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Guerrero, Vicente

Born: 1783 AD
Died: 1831 AD
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1783 – Vicente Guerrero was born on August 10th in Tixtla, a village in the present-day state of Guerrero.

1810 – Father Hidalgo began his struggle for national Independence and convinced Vicente to join the struggle.

1821 – Iturbide repeatedly invited Guerrero to a conference to reach an agreement on the Independence of Mexico.

1824 – The government was elected by popular vote and headed by a President and a Vice President. For the first time in its history, Mexico had a popularly elected government. Guadalupe Victoria was the first President and Vicente Guerrero, the first Vice President.

1829 – Was the president of Mexico.

1831 – Was invited by Francisco Picaluga to lunch on board his brigantine El Colombo, took him prisoner and took him to Oaxaca. A war council ordered Guerrero to be executed on February 14th.

2 (40%) 2 votes