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Groener, Wilhelm

Born: 1867 AD
Died: 1939 AD, at 71 years of age.

Nationality: German
Categories: Administrator, General


1867 - Born in Ludwigsburg, Württemberg on the 22nd of November.

1884 - He entered the Württemburg Army.

1893-1897 - Attended the War Academy.

1899 - He was appointed to the General Staff.

1917 - In August, Groener took a field command in the Ukraine.

1918 - On the resignation of Erich Ludendorff on the 29th of October , Groener became First Quartermaster General under Field Marshal von Hindenburg.

         - With the Kaiser's abdication on the 9th of November the Marxist Spartacist League had declared a soviet republic in Berlin.

         - Groener subsequently oversaw the retreat and demobilisation of the defeated German army after World War I ended with the armistice on the 11th of November.

1920 - Groener was in and out of retirement.

1920-1923 - He served as Transportation Minister.

1929 - He succeeded Otto Geßler as Defence Minister.

1931 - He also became Interior Minister, and favoured the banning of the Nazi storm troopers.

1939 - Died in Bornstedt bei Potsdam on the 3rd of May.


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