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Griffith, Andrew Samuel

Born: 1926 AD
Currently alive, at 92 years of age.
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1926 – Andy Samuel Griffith, born on the 1st of June in Mount Airy, North Carolina. He is an American actor, Grammy Award winning singer, writer and producer from Mount Airy, North Carolina.


1949 – He attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and earned a bachelor’s degree in music.       


  – He was married to Barbara Bray Edwards for 23 years, with whom he adopted two children, Andy (now deceased) and Dixie.


1953 – His first success was a  live recording of "What It Was, Was Football," a story about a country boy at his first football game delighting in the "big orange drinks" and the boys running up and down the "cow pasture" in "the awfulest fight I have ever seen in my life" and "these purty girls a-wearin’ these little-bitty short dresses and a-dancin’ around."


1954 – He was on Broadway, starring in No Time for Sergeants, a play about a country boy in the Air Force.


1957 – Starred in A Face in the Crowd. Again, he played a country boy, but this time the country boy was a terrifying sociopath, a drifter who became a television host and used his show as a gateway to political and personal power


1960 – he first appeared as Andy Taylor, the laid-back sheriff of Mayberry, North Carolina, on an episode of The Danny Thomas Show.


1960 through 1968 – This one-shot was of course the pilot film for the Emmy-winning The Andy Griffith Show, Eternally easygoing on camera, Griffith, who owned 50% of the series, ruled his sitcom set with an iron hand, though he was never as hard on the other actors as he was on himself; to this day, he remains close to fellow Griffith stars Don Knotts and Ron Howard. 


1973 – After his divorce from Edwards, he married Solica Cassuto.


1981 – Won an Emmy nomination for his role in the TV film Murder In Texas and won further acclaim for his role as a homicidal villain in the TV film Murder In Coweta County, co-starring music legend Johnny Cash as the hero.


1983 – Married his current wife, Cindi Knight, on the 2nd of April.


1986 – He scored another prime-time hit in with Matlock. Griffith played the title role of Ben Matlock,

a criminal defense attorney with a Southern drawl, a signature seersucker suit, and an open countenance that belied his sly intelligence.


1999 – Was inducted into the Country Gospel Music Hall of Fame with fellow artists, Lulu Roman, Barbara Mandrell, David L Cook, Gary S. Paxton, Jimmy Snow, Loretta Lynn and Jodi Miller.


2005 – He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President George W. Bush on the 9th of November.


2006 – He received a "Tip of the Hat" from Stephen Colbert on the 21st of May, episode of The Colbert Report.









3.3 (66.59%) 91 votes