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Griffin, John Howard

Born: 1920 AD
Died: 1980 AD
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1920 – Born in Dallas, Texas on the 16th of June.

1952 – The Devil Rides Outside.

1956 – Nuni.

1947-1957 – Griffin wrote two major novels, The Devil Rides Outside and Nuni, during a decade of blindness, the result of diabetes.

1959 – He is best known for darkening his skin and journeying through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia to experience segregation in the Deep South.

         – Land of the High Sky.

1961 – Black Like Me.

1969 – The Church and the Black Man.

1977 – A Time to be Human.

1980 – Died on the 9th of September, due to diabetes and/or several other health problems, but not skin cancer or other complications of his skin darkening, as some believe.

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