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Greene, Nathanael

Born: 1742 AD
Died: 1786 AD
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1742 – Nathanael Greene was born on July 27th (Old Style) in Potowomut, Rhode Island.

1774 – On July 20th, Greene married Catharine Littlefield of Block Island.  Caty, as she was known by her friends, was attractive and vivacious and would give him six children.

         – Greene was a founding member, his participation in the group was challenged because of a slight limp that he had since childhood.  The incident hurt him deeply and was only settled when an influential member of the Guards and close friend, James Mitchell Varnum, threatened to resign if Greene was forced to leave.

1775 – In April, the Assembly of Rhode Island met at Providence and established an Army of Observation.  Two months later, Greene was given command as a brigadier general of state troops.
         – He was commissioned as the youngest brigadier general in the Continental Army.

1776 – When the Continental Army moved to defend New York in early April, Greene took command of Long Island.

         – He commanded left wing of American forces at battle of Trenton.

1777 – At the Battle of Brandywine on the 11th of September, Greene led his division four miles in under fifty minutes through broken country to set up a defensive line that allowed Major General John Sullivan’s division to retreat.

1778 – Washington appointed Greene the new Quartermaster General of the Continental Army.

1780 – Greene resigned as Quartermaster General on July 26th because he did not agree with Congress’s new policy of requisitioning supplies from the individual states.

         – He succeeded Horatio Gates as commander of Continental Army in South.

1781 – He dispatched Daniel Morgan to defeat British at battle of Cowpens.

1786 – Tragically, he died at the age of forty-four on June 19th of a stroke, possibly caused by overexposure to the sun.  His remains and those of his son, George Washington Greene, rest beneath a monument in Johnson Square in downtown Savannah.

3.1 (62.34%) 77 votes