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Gray, Spalding

Born: 1941 AD
Died: 2004 AD
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1941 – He was born on the 5th day of June this year in Barrington, Rhode Island.


1984 – He based the monologue on his experiences in Southeast Asia while filming a small part in the movie “The Killing Fields”.


1990 – He published his first and only novel, Impossible Vacation.


2001 – He suffered severe injuries in a car crash while on holiday in Ireland on June of this year.


2002 – It is believed that he jumped off the side of the Staten Island Ferry. In light of a suicide attempt this year, and the fact that his mother had taken her own life in 1967, suicide was the suspected cause of death.


2004 – He is known to suffer bouts of depression in part as a result of these injuries, was declared missing on January of this year.


2005 – His unfinished final monologue was published in a hardcover edition entitled Life Interrupted: The Unfinished Monologue.








3 (60%) 8 votes