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Gramsci, Antonio

Born: 1891 AD
Died: 1937 AD, at 46 years of age.

Nationality: Italian
Categories: Activists


1891 - Born on January 22nd in Ales, Italy, on the island of Sardinia. Founder of the Italian Communist Party and of the newspaper L'Ordine Nuovo, which led to his involvement in founding the Partito Comunista d'Italia.

1921 - He founded the communist party, the Partito Comunista d'Italia.

1922 - He was an Italian delegate to the Third Internationale which was held in Moscow.

         - He founded the party's official newspaper, L'Unità.

1926-1934 - He was imprisoned by fascist and was released due to health problems.

1937 - Died on April 27th in Rome, Italy.

1947 - Letters that he wrote while in prison were posthumously released as Lettere dal Carcere, dealing with his thoughts about the need for a working class, the problem of cultural hegemony, and intellectualism. These political letters have been extremely influential in both Italy and other parts of Europe.


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  • "In the life of children there are two very clear-cut phases, before and after puberty. Before puberty the child's personality has not yet formed and it is easier to guide its life and make it acquire specific habits of order, discipline, and work: after puberty the personality develops impetuously and all extraneous intervention becomes odious, tyrannical, insufferable. Now it so happens that parents feel the responsibility towards their children precisely during this second period, when it is too late: then of course the stick and violence enter the scene and yield very few results indeed. Why not instead take an interest in the child during the first period?"
  • "If you think about it seriously, all the questions about the soul and the immortality of the soul and paradise and hell are at bottom only a way of seeing this very simple fact: that every action of ours is passed on to others according to its value, of good or evil, it passes from father to son, from one generation to the next, in a perpetual movement."